Welcome back, Fangirl!

Long time no post (again? zehahaha).  My faves just had their comebacks & debuts. Me? Hiatus as always. Haha! Cheer up!

tzunami cheering me up xD

My WJSN album arrived last May 21. Yay! I waited for 2 months for this baby to arrive T^T Finally!

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X-Men: Apocalypse

I don’t like it. I super love it. I love Charles haha ❤
I love X-men ever since. The movie is a special treat for old X-men fans (like me). Some movie watchers/reviewers found it predictable, boring, average and etc (Sorry for the lack of “movie review magic words” zehahaha).  This is a movie that I’d love to watch over and over again. A movie I won’t get tired of re-watching! 5 hearts for me <33333

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2 of my favorite anime characters (promotional poster images for Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair): Gowther & Hozuki ❤


Fangirl, rants!


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:bulletpink:  Eating: a lot haha!
:bulletorange:  Drinking: Hot choco

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[GAME] Kills + Zero Deaths (My Bot Matches Collection)

I’ll be uploading here my Dota2 BOT matches’ screenshots feat KILLS PLUS ZERO DEATHS! Hahaha xD Yeah yeah proud here. Lol. For now, I have two. I’ll update this post for future kills plus zero deaths screenshots ❤

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1st Viper


2nd Weaver


[SHORT POST] Marching March!


What a week. Traumatic week I’d say. Good thing March is here. Opportunities and blessings. I’ll do my best to feel the good vibes and enjoy my 5th year 🙂

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Kpop Life

I’m so excited for this month’s Kpop comebacks. Lee Hi, Hyomin, AAAND— Twice/Red Velvet! Omg xD
But I’ll save my fangirl energy first xD


My girls finally debuted! WJSN ❤

Their debut song  MoMoMo is so fluffy and sweet! I actually love the song!

The album is so pink! ❤

Still waiting for their Catch Me MV (Starship? T_T)


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Shokugeki no Soma’s 2nd season! – Shokugeki no Soma: Ni no Sara –
The first episodewill premiere this summer! 🙂

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:bulletpink:  Eating: Mini Kitkat Green Tea
:bulletorange:  Drinking: Coffee

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Febulous Feb

I feel so worn out and tired for the past few weeks but thanks to my family and my anime/Korean drama loves, I’m burning great and kicking some assess!


February is awesome ♥

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First things first, FANGIRL LIFE. Nyahahaha :3

I’m currently watching 3 korean dramas and Produce 101. Zehahaha! You think that’s a lot? Think again. Compared to when I was still in high school and college, 3 dramas in a week is NOTHING. Yes, seriously.

About Cheese In The Trap: This is not a drama review. Hihi. I just have to post my love for the drama. Lol. Cheese In The Trap is not your ordinary drama with your perfect male lead and whatsoever. It is actually a webtoon and this drama adaptation is giving me a lot of fangirl butterflies. Huhu.


Jung’s character also reminds me of myself. I’m always observing and I am there to help (secretly sometimes). I am always misunderstood by the people around me. I am an introvert and people are always treating me like I am rude, cold, and anti social. It hurts, really.

Cheese In The Trap is a gold for me 🙂

So yeah, yeeey! No second lead syndrome here! Zehahaha. Yoo Jung for the win. I love In Ho too but my heart is for Seol and Jung hohoho ❤


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Produce 101. I started watching the survival program first week of Feb and I love it. Because of Sixteen, I learned to love these kind of korean survival programs (effin ignoring the horrible edits). I just want to see my girls. I get inspired whenever I watch it >< You can vote for your top 11 here:


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Happy 1 year to my Steam account! Happy 1 year of Dota 2 gaming! Zehahaha ❤
I’m so proud of myself xD


Excuse my SinB primary photo there. I just love her so much asdfghjkl. Hahaha.
Seriously, I’m happy af. From noob to a good player. Awwwe! Dota2 is the coolest game everrr. But it’s harsh tho.

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Cosplay! I cosplayed as Diva of Blood+ last UP Otakufest IX: Pandemonium
My first cosplay ❤


Makeup by Yours Truly ❤

Close up photos coz the event was super crowded. Huhu.


f456ecbfc9056b89e110665fbd8bcee7 hqdefault

To do list: Cosplay? CHECK ❤

If you want to try cosplaying too, start simple! I didn’t buy a wig since my hair is already long. Yes I purposely chose Diva because of my hair (black and long). The theme is pandemonium so Diva is good good! Haha xD So the expenses just went to the costume and the blue lens O.O

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Movie list!

Because Pool Dead, Captain Dead Pool, I mean Dead Pool is over (the movie is over but Deadpool Wade’s not), these are the four movies I’m looking forward to :3

Batman-Superman-movie-logo F2ekc6n

_1450048121 Suicide-Squad-official-poster

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:bulletpurple:  Watching: WJSN’s Momomo (live performance/showcase)
:bulletblack:  Playing: Nothing
:bulletpink:  Eating: Granola Bar
:bulletorange:  Drinking: Coffee

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That’s all! Ijou desuuu ❤

2016 plans and stuffs 💞

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2016! Time flies 😢
I would like to thank all of u for your love and support in 2015 ❤
I encountered so many inspiring individuals and got to challenge myself in different things. It was definitely a year that I was able to grow and learn a lot fromT^T Let’s all make 2016 an even more incredible one by living every day to its fullest!


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So, what are your plans for the first half of the year? :3
I have a lotsa plans. First half: joining the cosplay community. Yes! Hai! Yes! Cosplaying has always been my dream since highschool days and now I’m doing this for real! Zehahaha. Ganbatte myself! I’ll start my 2016 with sugoii-ness and good vibes ❤
See you on February 20 ^__^
(I’ll make a post after the cosplay event)

Details here:

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Last Christmas, CUBE announced that 4Minute’s 2016 comeback will be released sometime in January. Yay! I’m so excited >< They started 2015 with a bang and made us all C-R-A-Z-Y. Looking forward to their comeback 💪

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •

‘EXO PLANET: THE EXO’ LUXION LIVE IN MANILA’ on January 23-24, 2016 and ‘ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila’ on January 19, 2016! Both at the SM Mall of Asia Arena! 😮



But it’s okay. I’m bracing myself for something epic this year.


Yes! “GIRLS’ GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia”
Better save your golds as early as now cause I have a feeling that the Philippines will be included this time! JUSEYOOO T^T

80878_900Good things come to those who wait~

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:bulletpurple:  Watching: Nothing
:bulletblack:  Playing: Neko Atsume
:bulletpink:  Eating: Fried eggplant with egg
:bulletorange:  Drinking: Coffee


Chaeng approves! :3
Ijou desu! Jaa neee 💗

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[RANDOM] Advance Happy New Year!

Heeey! New year in 2 days! Yay! Advance Happy New Year everyone! Greetings in advance since this will be my last post for 2015 :nuu:

So as for my New Year’s resolution, here is what I’ve come up with. Actually it’s just the same as my birthday’s resolution tho.

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •

:bulletgreen:  To start drawing more often – Last time I drew was…moons ago .__.
Since I’m starting a new manga, this shouldn’t be a problem :juggle:

:bulletgreen:  To exercise everyday – Since I don’t go to the gym, situps would be the best option. I also don’t jog. I’m not an outdoor person so yeah T^T

:bulletgreen:  To sleep early and wakeup early – Hmm… daebak! Kinda challenging, knowing that I can be nocturnal at times. Especially if I’m feeling creative and feeling Kishimoto Masashi/Oda Eiichiro/Kubo Tite/Obata Takeshi. Zehahaha!

:bulletgreen:  To find more time for gaming – Well, since my net connection is really bad, I can only play games in Internet Cafes. Dota2 is what I’ve been playing lately.

:bulletgreen:  To clean, organize and mangaka-fy my room – It is a complete mess, seriously  :shocked:

*My table BEFORE*

That’s all! I didn’t bother trying to put more personal resolutions like “improving myself” etc because it might sound too dramatic. I mean I have those personal resolutions but I’ll only post the anime-manga-kpop related stuffs. So yeah! How about you? Care to share your resolution lists? The weirder, the better! Zehahaha!

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •

Things to look forward this 2016 !

:bulletpink:  Pokemon GO – I’m excited for this. Pokemon kid here  :pokeball: :heart:
:bulletpink:  Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 (The Seven Deadly Sins)
:bulletpink:  Shokugeki no Souma Season 2
:bulletpink:  UP Otakufest IX: Pandemonium – my first cosplay *prays* :yoda:
:bulletpink:  Cebu K-POP Icon Hunt 4: DESTINATION: JAPAN – Not joining the singing/dancing contest but I want to go and watch  :happybounce:

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •

Submitted a new drawing on Deviantart ❤

Please check my other works too ^///^
:dalogo: http://krispinkcreme.deviantart.com/ :dalogo:

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Ketchup rocking that fringe! Oh god Mina baby wae so pretty :love:

Advance Happy New Year! Eat lots of food and stay healthy 😉


Yattaaa! It’s Friday! I’m going home early after work. Dota2 time!
How’s your week? 6 days to go before Christmas! I just bought a gift yesterday (for our manito/manita).

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •


Tzuyu’s CF for for LG u+ LTE (with Nayeon & Jungyeon)
Wow. Maknae getting CF deals in just 2 months after debut. Amazing :la:

I’m proud and happy that she got a CF contract with LG LTE but I feel like she’s still too maknae.
I’m just happy for my Tzuyu for the recognition. She’s constantly trending and I’m sure that in the future, she’ll make it big. She’s not just pretty but is also very talented :flirty:


pretty maknae!
CWgd_0SUkAEm8f- CWgeAaGU4AAJtdi CWgeAVoUkAAg5n7

The cute version:
too cuuute >///<

—-with the eonnis :boogie:

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •

Who watches One Punch Man here? Me! I watch One Punch Man and I stalk Genos. Zehahaha.
Look at this kawaii Saitama beanie ><

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •


The Straw Hat Pirates showed support for the Star Wars: The Force Awaken cosplaying as characters from the movie. Keeewl! So what’s with the crew’s cosplay gathering? It’s for the One Piece Film Gold. A special short trailer will be screened prior to the airing of Star Wars. Aaand— *gasps in Japanese* tickets are now on pre-sale. Lucky Japanese OP fans *sighs* Hmmm. I’m curious. Is the new film about Gol D. Roger, coz Film ‘Gold’ or nah? Or just a new journey with a new character on it *yay Oda*? Well, I’m up for it! This will be the 3rd One Piece film that I’ll be watching :gallery:

• • • • • ♥ • • • • •

There’s a new selection of Kuroko no Bas merchandise! And this time, they’re going traditional! Keeewl! And SIGH! I want one too! Huhu.
bags.png clocks.png stickers.png
the craftsmanship and elegance of the merchs :love: 

Orders will be taken beginning on Dec 19 (same day of Jump Festa 2016).
If you want to get yours, order here:

I like Dai-chan but I want Midorima’s chopsticks :shakefist:
It’s green and I see a bear design rilakkuma lol on it :stupidme:

But for the digital clock, of course I want Dai-chan :D


• • • • • ♥ • • • • •